FAQs. Frequently asked questions and general informations

General Order and Delivery Conditions

The client accepts by ordering on www.tuttitartufi.ch the general Terms and Conditions.

The minimum order value for fresh truffles is CHF 40.00 (excluding shipping).

Our truffle products get delivered personally or by the Swiss Post to our clients.

Fresh truffle loose approximately 10% of their weight per day. The fresh truffle gets weighed in Zollikerberg before delivered. The price gets defined by the total weight. The per gramm price can change daily or weekly.

When ordering fresh truffles online, there is a possibility, that the weight orderd could vary. Differences of CHF 5.- get refunded or charged additionally.

There is also a possibility to order all our products by Telephone or E-Mail. The payment can then be done by invoice or cash.

I received my fresh truffles with delay, what can I do?

Orders containing fresh truffles have a coolpack in the box. In case of delay by the Swiss Post service, examine content carefully and in case of damage contact Tutti Tartufi immediately.

Can I cancel an order of fresh truffles?

An order of fresh truffles is binding and therefore not possible to cancel the order. All other products can be cancelled.

What can I do if the truffles are not fresh at arrival?

Please examine the goods carefully after every order delivery. Please contact Tutti Tartufi within 24 hours of receiving the fresh truffles (telefone or e-mail) with a photo, so that we can take action with our supplier.

Is it possible to pick up fresh truffles in Zollikerberg?

We accept after consultation with us pick-ups of orders in Zollikerberg. Fresh truffle orders are binding. When picked-up, no cancellation of fresh truffles are accepted.

General Terms and Conditions to Return

Orders of fresh truffles that have already been processed in Italy can not be canceled anymore. All other products can be returned if unopened.

General Terms and Conditions Truffle tastings (degustation)

  1. Tutti Tartufi is not a catering company. Drinks, silverware and plates have to be organized by customer
  2. Depending on time of year we also offer tasting of fresh truffles with conditions of the weekly price.
  3. Details of conditions such as date of event, price and number of participants will be negotiated in advance.
  4. We charge a flat rate of CHF 50.-for organisation and driving expenses within 50 km from Zollikerberg. In case of further distance CHF 0.50/km.

It is certainly worth while to organize a truffle party. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a nonbinding offer.

Does Tutti Tartufi have a store to degustate the products?

Tutti Tartufi is an online dealer. We do not have a store. The client can book Tutti Tartufi to his company, store or private home to guide him through a truffle tasting event.

If no products are purchased, Tutti Tartufi will charge only for opended merchandise.

Storing white truffles (Alba and Bianchetto)

The white truffle should be consumed within 4-5 days, so that the truffle does not lose too much aroma.

Very critical is also the weight loss of the white truffle that can reach 10% per day.

An important point is the temperature of the refrigerator. Ideal is the coolest compartment approximately +2 C.

We always deliver the fresh white truffle in a plastic container wrapped in papertowel. The papertowel needs to be replaced daily.

If necessary brush off soil residue with a dry truffle brush (no water) or tooth brush shortly before serving, so that the truffle will not lose the aroma.

Storing black truffles (Périgord-, Muskat-, Burgundy and Summertruffle)

The black truffle can be kept longer, but should also be consumed within 10 days. The storing procedure is identical with the white Alba truffle.

In case of mold growing on black truffles you can easily remove it with a dry brush (no water). If it is removed when noticed, the truffles could get damp and become inedible.

Fresh black truffles are also ideal to freeze, altough a certain weight and taste loss is unavoidable. The truffle should be sliced and portioned before freezing.

Tips for storing

Besides storing fresh truffles in a plastic container you can place them togheter with raw eggs in a glass jar. The eggs regulate the moisture and take it on the aroma of the truffles. From the eggs you can make a fantastic fried or scrabbled egg with a nice truffle flavor. Fresh truffles can be sliced on top for extra flavor.

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